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POISON DUST - The Illegal Weapon

*** The Devastating Facts about the use of Depleted Uranium ***

A deadly radioactive material & illegal weapon with a half-life of 4.4 billion years.

U.S. and British governments have continued to use radioactive and chemically toxic Depleted Uranium weapons in Iraq, disregarding warnings and evidence that these weapons pose a cancer risk and are linked to numerous other serious health issues.

According to a report in 2007 by a senior UN scientist said research of the evidence was suppressed in a World Health Organization report. Dr. Keith Baverstock, who worked on the project, described a process known as genotoxicity, which begins when depleted uranium dust is inhaled. "The particles that dissolve pose a risk - part radioactive - and part from the chemical toxicity in the lung," he said. Later, he said, the material enters the body and the blood stream, potentially affecting bone marrow, the lymphatic system, the kidneys and the brain. The research was not included in the WHO report, and Dr Baverstock believes it was blocked.

* During the Iraq War the U.S. use of radioactive Depleted Uranium weapons increased from 375 tons used in 1991 to 2200 tons. Geiger counter readings at sites in downtown Baghdad record radiation levels 1,000 and 2,000 times higher than background radiation.

* The Pentagon has bombed, occupied, tortured and contaminated Iraq. Millions of Iraqis have been affected. Over one million U.S. soldiers have rotated into Iraq. The 697,000 U.S. Gulf War troops from the 1991 war have reported serious medical problems and a significant increase in birth defects among their newborn children.

* The effects on the Iraqi population are far greater. Many other countries and U.S. communities near Depleted Uranium weapons plants, testing facilities, bases and arsenals have also been exposed to this radioactive material which has a half-life of 4.4 billion years.

* Current estimated numbers conclude that 300,000 children were killed in the Iraq war, and at least 1,000,000 adults.

* It is now confirmed that the effects of the poison are not only permanent and degenerative but can never be removed from the body. Depleted Uranium is transmitted through the reproductive system.

In summary, this information signifies permanent treacherous damage to our world and countless innocent victims through the continued birth of brutally deformed babies. Most photographic evidence is very disturbing and therefore has not been included in this blog, but may be seen in the film documentary recommended below.

Gulf War veterans are still suffering the tragic consequences of the effects of this radio active poisoning and experimental vaccines with little or no aid or recognition for their afflicted families after dedicating their lives to a service they were lead to believe was honorable to their country.

Thanks to governmental control of the corporate media we are unaware that nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction are our reality today... " Beyond Treason".

To visit information source: INTERNATIONAL ACTION CENTER