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World for 911Truth


"Although it’s been over 8 years since the tragic events, the 9/11 Truth Movement is still growing worldwide, from New York City to Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen, now faster than ever. We have an incredible momentum on which we have to continue building. More and more people are curious about the movement and we will soon welcome millions more. It clearly is time for all of us to continue this fight for truth and justice in a professional, concise and academic way.

If you are not already one, become an activist for 9/11 Truth. Join your local chapter or start one. If you can’t commit to a group’s schedule, help us spread the word on the Internet when you see a news story that you consider worth reading. Be creative and do something. The 9/11 attacks are still used today to justify wars and invasions of countries which lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people since 2001. We cannot sit back, watch this show and do nothing. The 9/11 attacks are also the foundation of the loss of civil liberties around the world and we cannot let it happen and grow.

We owe justice, peace and freedom to the fallen, both in the US and abroad. And more importantly we owe it to our children, so they can live in a world made of people that chose justice when it was required from us, instead of inaction and fear. A world in which the word “peace” can have a true meaning. If we do nothing, nothing will ever happen. So please support a new independent 9/11 investigation now and sign our petition. A petition signature seems like a very small step to a such goal. But with millions of steps we will succeed."

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World for 9/11 Truth thank all their supporters and welcome to all new visitors.

"The World911Truth adventure has just begun and we will not rest until a new 9/11 investigation is undertaken."

* 970 Architectural and Engineering Professionals and 5440 other supporters including A&E students have signed the petition demanding of Congress a truly Independent Investigation. *
This petition is open to everyone.

Please Visit & Sign Here: ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS FOR 911 TRUTH